Windy + Flash-intro

I’ve made an animation (intro for a website) with Flash. I’d love to hear some critics about it… Here is the animation.

Hey all. It’s been a while since I’ve posted any drawings, so I’l just post the last one…

Origional one:
Photoshopped one:

C&C is welcome, but I’m not gonna edit it.



Well my comment would be that I like the original one much better :slight_smile:

I find the original one far better aswell.

Ok, I hereby promise I’l never ever edit my drawings in PhotoShop :). Guess I’m not up to it :). Or it just happened to didn’t work out nice.

Anyway, glad you like the origional one better. Hope you don’t find the PS-version super-awful for that could make the origional one pretty bad too.

Arg, I need to sleep.


i love ur drawing style

nice! The original is way better tho! I don’t really like the shoes, but thats just a minor thing:)

the original one is better, but id say if you would have put more color on it and kept the original outlines then the PS version would be soooo much better… other than that they are both greate!

Wow,awsome drawing style! :slight_smile: The original is better,because I like the lines in it and it has a better,more “windy” mood in it…I think you get what I mean ;).I could learn things from you.

Great work! :smiley:

Thanks guys. I think the first one is better too.

I don’t want to make a completely new threat for this so I’l just post it here. It’s a flash-animation I’m working on for a certain company. I never really used Flash seriously before so it’s mostly trial and error. Here it is, hope you like it, but most of all, hope you’ve got C&C about it.

the only thing id look over is the little fellah inside the big-O! (maybe it could use a little bit more smoothness…) tho im not sure… a nice flash non the less.