Wine and Grapes

Alright, so here’s another image I did for, this time focusing on the lovely overlay textures:

Everything from water droplets to fingerprints and stain can be found over the glass and grapes, around 12 different overlays used on this scene, including broken glass, dust, and even ice!
They were used to drive different parameters on the shader, such as Glossiness, Reflection, Diffuse influence, IOR, and so on.

All the textures used on this scene are available at our library, go test them!

You can check it on Artstation here:



Wow, that’s amazing. It looks both photorealistic and beautiful.

as above:) Very photorealistic …but Very, very nicely done …refreshing to just look at!:smiley:

I’ve seen this image in several communities, perfect work!

Yeah, absolutely great. I think many others have seen it and had the same problem as me - nothing sensible to say, and there is just too much good around to comment on it all.

Except, suddenly came to me - how much is “a lot” wrt rendertime? :slight_smile: Is it Cycles or something else? I can’t tell if those streaks inside the glass stem comes from surface or volume caustics or is a texture effect.

amazing render!

Awesome render! I really like the colors - and the textures, obviously…

rjshae, jim trim, AlexeySol, CarlG, bojo600, Dan80:

Thanks you all guys, glad you liked! :slight_smile:

Hahah, glad to hear that!
A lot rendertime is something around going to sleep at 10:00pm, waking up at 7:00am, and still being unable to use the computer for the next 9 hours, it’s something like that :eyebrowlift2:

The streaks (if it’s what I’m thinking you’re saying) came from a overlay texture that’s controlling the glossines on that area, and also a second glossy/refraction shader using the baked streaks normal map, to simulate the water distortion there!

The render took a hell lot of time mainly because I did it at 6k, with a lot of samples because, well I had time :slight_smile: hahah (and because the grapes have multiple subsurface scattering, and caustics enabled)
Thank you!

The level of photorealism is outstanding, love it.

Bravo !!!
Beautiful image-rendering.

the grapes look weird. the overlays dont look like the natural “dust” or whatever that coating on grapes is! to my eyes it looks more like natural dust that has settled on them over time in the close up. im not sure what it is in the main picture, perhaps it is just too pronounced. the glass is awesome though

Damn this is good.

Sooo good, what a fantastic image, thank you for posting, AND
for making the textures available to us.

Wow! Congratulations! You can even feel the freshness of the grapes and the glass. A superb work.

00Ghz, michalis, keseyrage, davincheaney, Mr. Chuan:

Thank you all for the lovely feedback, glad you guys liked it! :slight_smile:

They are indeed quite tricky to get right, I had to do around 10 different iterations to get to this level, I agree that they probably could look better, but with deadlines there’s a time when we need to say: It’s good enough, and go ahead. :slight_smile:


Yay! Cool to see this in the header :smiley:

Amazing realism!

It Is Truly Amazing!

super awesome!