Wine and milk

I like wine and I like milk.
I am trying to get the milk look like milk…

To me the wineglass seems a little out, the main steam needs to be taller (a sale -> x could be the answer, also if you look at a glass of water/milk etc, the rim where the water meets the glass it curves up (someone can probably explain better) Also the milk seems a little too ‘solid’. Also the milk would look better if it was white.
Another thing, maybe try making the milk emit light a tiny bit?
Another thing i have noticed is around the edges wine/milk goes quite transparent - i dont know how to achieve this effect, but if someone knows then i think it would add awhole lot of realism to the pic.

Hope you can make sense of my reply :stuck_out_tongue:

Th’ Kiwi

The wine looks great but the other looks like a glass of mercury :stuck_out_tongue: maybe a bit of emit or less reflection on the glass?

I like the wine, glasses, and wood. :smiley: But the milk looks like sand. :stuck_out_tongue:

try playing with the translucency of the milk. Also, read a bit about SSS, they got milk looking very good… (sss is not supported in blender though)

Tnx for the replys all, yep I know how to change the milk to make it look like milk but I have a real stupid problem: I was working on this scene on school and rendered there too. When I was done with creating I uploaded it on the internet 'couse I didn’t had a memorystick or some like that with me. When I got home and wnated to tweak the image I downloaded the file from the I’net but it was corrupt or some like that so I can’t use it :expressionless: . Now I am doing everything over again :frowning: Too bad actually 'couse I really like the result (the milk not really but the rest was quiet good for my opinion)

But it is turning out ok, I think, now I made a wineglass looking more like a wine glass and milk looking quiet a lot like milk. I’ll post a udate render later on today.

It looks like there’s some sort of noise texture on the milk…

The noise looks like AO. AO is more noticeable on white and lite gray. Roger. Try using different shader for the milk. Some can give u a more true white.