wine bottle

just somthing for university, quick work for a part of a large project


Interesting bottle.

How does it stand up?

I think it doesn’t stand up… But a bottle isn’t meant to stand up ! It just needs to stand in your hand ! :slight_smile: 8)

Otherwise, very nice. I like the look :slight_smile:

yeah it doesn’t stand up.

all my classmates/collegues are giving me a lot of shit for not having it stand up by itself.

but i just keep being stuborn, and making it round bottomed.

bottles that couldn’t stand up were popular well past WWII, and were one of the more common designs untill your parents generation (assuming you are my age or younger LOL)

so hey it can’t be all bad


model some sort of a stand for it.

you mean for the picture or for real life?

in real life i plan to make a stand for it.
but i don’t think i’ll change this pic with a stand


I find it to be really long! Was that the meaning or did it turn out a bit longer than supposed to be ?

Intersting design, but where is wine? :wink:


nice design…maybe just having some kind of “mass” inside the bottle at the bottom would make it stand by itself…would be cool I think…anyway nice work

have a waight in the bottom so it stands up on its own :P. nice bottle tho.

Good job on the bottle and the textures, and the people before me are right, it really does seem to defy gravity.

only one question:


waht did you do whit wine?? - don’t say that you have drank it :frowning:

:wink: - nice pic

hey, chianti bottles are rounded off too i believe…if i remember correctly they have a thing made of like wicker or something to keep them from falling over in storage or on the truck…