Wine cellar

Hello all

My first post here and attempt on archviz. My main 3d experience is with Revit, Tekla and Sketchup.
Stair, cellar and racks was made in Sketchup including a few assets from warehouse.

From Blendswap users:
wfg5001 - Winerack
danilius - wineglasses
elbrujodelatribu - Metal material(stair)

LordOdin - Lava material
Architecture Academy-Concrete materials
Ups… Almost forgetting: Juicyfruit - Sketchup (SKP) importer

Image 1920x1080 - Rendered in Cycles 1000 sampels.

All C/C will be appreciated.


Too sterile, needs more color, stairs look very flat.

Thanks for your comment!
I wanted a bit minimalist/Scandinavian/grunge feel to it. Thats why i did not go crazy on colours.
In this case Blender was mainly used as a render engine.

The project started out when i had a small metalworkshop and made a client proposal that never became. So the cellar measurement are real including openings.

A few more tests.

No volumetric lightning

Volumetric lightning about double strength of original picture in post

Mabye light portals could bring more subtle glow to this?

Changed camera location, Focal(45), adjusted wall material and increased light.

Now starting to use Color correction and using film look. IMHO much better :eyebrowlift:

That looks pretty good and realistic. I would make the left side of the image (where the wines are) more brighter, because right now you barely see what is there.
Good luck!

I do like less fog. I might even exaggerate the sunray coming in from the top. Nice work overall!

Thanks for both comments :wink:

2 more renders with mashup of your suggestions.
-Volumetrics gone after using light portal and HDR. Gotta find out how to get it back :spin:
-Stronger sun light

So many possibility’s with Blender…

Nicely done :slight_smile:
I especially like the lighting in the back. I would now add some emission planes to lighten up the wine rack while maybe a small portion in the middle of it remains dark to indicate that the scene continues behind the viewer.

I got to the blue hour…

1000 sampels, HDRI, portals, no sun lamp. Just emitters a glass shelfs, but main light from HDRI.
Portals :RocknRoll:

And again thanks for feedback…