[ wine glass ] - [ 10 Minutes ]




All of these are very good for only 10 mins!
I went with smartden for daring to go with indigo in 10mins, I probably wouldn’t make it past a few samples on my computer in that time, and it’s not too old.

  1. Start off in front view
  2. draw half outline > smooth it
  3. Position cursor to rhs, this will be the axis of revolution
  4. switch to top view
  5. spin 360 around axis
  6. Add subsurf

Another way

Here’s mine using method 1


an unbiased renderer in an SMC!!

wow!! just wow

he didn’t even render for 5 minutes out of the 18 or so (deducting time for uploading, etc), not bad.
Kinda was hoping someone would revolutionize the wineglass somehow.

The stem is too thin and doesn’t join the bowl or foot in a realistic way. Looks like it would have been a nice render though, and full marks for initiative.

indigo in an smc is just stupid… like chirps permaban stupid heh

I like nille’s, though there is too much reflection/hdri… maybe make it translucent.