Wine glass for game

Hi, I’m new to blender and I’m making a game and I want it to have a clear wine glass in it. I searched on google and it’s just showing me how to make it clear when it’s rendered.
Thanks in advance for help.

Just enable GLSL mode :slight_smile: And make sure you really got the alpha value down and transparency enabled :slight_smile: hope it helped you

enable blender multitexture material in the game menu, or GLSL, then in the material settings there is an alpha slider, move the slider to the left and it will make the object more transparent, OH dont forget to enable “ZTransp” in the material settings. hope this helps!!!

neither of those ideas are being helpful. when I render it it’s transparent, when I play it it’s untextured. also, when i try to enable glsl settings in game menu it says that my graphics card does not support or something like that.

You can also try to make a rendered clear version of your whine glass, in highpoly, then bake everything with alpha on a lowpoly whine glass!:yes:

I guess using multitexture faces is the only way if your graphic card downst support GLSL like mine

do like me… BAKE!!!