Wine glass from curve?

I know the ALT-C option, but what I want is to make a curve, then make it to an extruded mesh by some lattice-deform-thing, like if I wanted to make the base of a lute or a wine glass, only by making a curve. How do I do that?

I want an easy way of modelling this:

Watchthis video - first section; curves, modeled, skinned. Maybe that’s what you’d like. Bsurfaces.

Make the outline with the curve then add a Screw modifier. You can adjust the resolution of the curve and number of spin steps to give the exact levekl of detail you want. You can also then stack on a lattice modifier with a lattice object to adjust the overall shape.
Use Alt+C to make the spun object a mesh


curve.blend (86.3 KB)

I need a decent video tutorial by someone who actually talks and stuff like that. The video above is too fast for me and he doesn’t show his shortcuts he is using!

I can’t use .blend files, because… that’s not a tutorial. I need to have it explained how to do it myself, step-by-step.

Draw a curve outline of the glass, then use screw modifier. If you can’t do that I suggest you start from easier objects.

Here is an example:

That body of a lute can also be done with half of a sphere and then using proportional editing to stretch the top part. You could create it using low poly model and then adding resolution with subsurface modifier. However modeling such a lute is an advanced project.

I figured it out myself using the Spin tool.

this could also be done with just nurbs I think. allthough nobody seems to use nurbs anymore, so I wouldn’t know who to ask. but the best way is with the spin tool, imo.