Wine Glass or other profiling

A newbie Qn again !!

In 3DSM I use the ’ smooth line ', convert it into a spline, edit it and use the utility called ’ outline ’ to get the wall thickness so that the profile is formed before spinning.

how one does such profiling in blender ? may b an easy one but i am missing that !! %|

Blender uses Mesh to Spin:


hi Fligh %

thanx… but my Qn is how one makes the profile and NOT its spinning !!

please help me in making the profile

Aah… add a Mesh Plane, delete 3 verts. Select the remaining one and Ctrl-Leftclick your way up the profile. Move verts so it looks good. Add Subsurf Modifier to see how it shapes up when subsurfed and adjust verts. Delete SS Modifier and Spin. Select all verts and Remove Doubles, Add SS Modifier again.


hahaaa it is so very easy and i missed it… any how now I got the blender ’ funda ’ and wl b able to proceed fast :smiley:

thnx a lot again !!