wine glass... WITH WINE (yum)

I’ve been trying to make glass vessels with liquids in them for much of today. I have made many changes to many parameters… can’t seem to get it working. I modelled the wine glass as a simple mesh, then made the liquid as another mesh that fits almost perfectly inside the glass (there is a tiny bit of space between the inner wall of the glass and the edge of the wine).

The problem I can see mostly is that the wine is just a big dark spot. doesn’t look like wine.

Here’s the attempts:

first attempt:

second attempt:
X-Warrior thought that maybe because the IOR of the wine was higher in the wine than the glass, it could be a problem. This render changed that. but all that really changed when the IOR changed wasthe caustics

This time I made the walls of the glass thinner (they were too thick I thoiught) and switched the normals of the liquid so they are pointing inside towards the centre of themesh, rather than out from the centre. Still doesn’t look right.

Has anyone else tried to do this with better results?

You know i’ve been doing the same all day too… so here is what i have so far… i’ve noted you need a higher than 5 ray depth, i have it at 10, i had to scale the liquid mesh down a notch, i’m using 100000 GI Photons and a photon lamp in the same position as my spot with 250000 photons, using a blend of 500. Getting closer to what i want… but still not quite, i think it may have something to do with the lamps… i’m gonna keep going and i’ll keep you updated.


[edit]Since i’m too lazy to add the final settings for this, here’s the source for it[/edit]