Wine Glass

Blender 2.49a
Indigo 1.1.18

I need to check out indigo, this looks fantastic. The reflections look very good. If it’s a red wine I think the color should be a bit darker/less transparent, but I know there are wines that have properties closer to what you’ve got here.

I think the only thing that detracts is the stream of wine looks like it’s being shot out of a hose and not poured from a bottle.

Great render, though!

Looks awesome work. I must agreed 100 % with franck3D…I thought the same…the stream of wine does not look at all being coming from bottle. No gravity, too straight and gives the impression that it comes from a pressurized hose…then why the glass does not fall?

I guess some curvature to the stream and direct it closer to the bottom of the glass would make it a Master Piece.

Great Job 5/5!:eek:

W0W :spin:

That is crazey awesome!

Where does that reflection on the glass come from?

Really cool!
Excellent work!

Thanks guys, The reflection is HDRI. Its free actually yo can get it from