Wine glass


I wanted to try fluid in blender and here is mine result:

Any suggestions how to make fluid behaving more realistic?
I had problem with higher mesh resolution of wine as it was splitting more than is realistic so used 80 and also used subsurf modifier to smooth it and maybe thats the reason why it acts like gelatin.
Also wine shred above the surface of that block (domain was partly under it)

Rendering took from 5 seconds to 15 minutes each frame. As I was rendering only at 720x480 resolution 3 objects with low quality on a 2 years old PC that is still pretty good its so much I think. A whole film of this low quality would take me around 3 years of 24/7 rendering.
What Im doing wrong or how it was possible to render animated films 10 years ago?

Ok I have solved the problem of very slow rendering. It was caused by gloss <1. But now im having problem of baking. Before i was able to bake at 120 resolution 5 sec movie in a minute. Now I cant bake it at 70 resolution. It takes my whole 4 gb of ram. I have changed materials added textures and so but dont know what could be the problem as sometimes baking works. And also there a problem of that wine above the surfaces. I found out that more resolution = wine near to surface but its still far away at 70 resolution of 1 m object (around centimetres)

hi i am working on a fluid render to, in my process i have some glitch and i have solved them with this quick trick, try this:
*activate units (metric or imperial)
*resize your models in a real size
*“ctrl + a” on all model in your scene (for set the scale to 1/1)

  • delete your domain recreate a new one (important if you need to scale your domain go in edit mode)
    *change the path of your baking fluid repertory
  • simplify your obstacle

sorry for the english translation i am french :slight_smile: