Wine Glasses

First time I got realistic (sort of) looking glass material

Wine Glasses Scene

The lighting for this scene is quite tricky. I got the glass looking better when it was just on a plane and had different lighting to this scene, but because the table and walls are involved, I had to adjust the lighting setup, which in turn affected the apperance of the glasses (they look a bit “too invisible”).

A render with AO produces a darker glass which doesn’t really look like glass, so I haven’t used AO for this scene.

Please let me know what you think, constructive criticism, tips, and comments welcome (and if you can help me with the lighting, that would be great :D)

P.S Here is the link to the render of the wine glass with better lighting


Turning on refraction and ray-tracing would make the background behind the glasses distort, a good thing for realistic glass.

If you strive for perfection use Yafray or even better Indigo Renderer.

I d turn on Raytracing and set the IOR to about 1.50.
I also recommend that you have a go at Yafray, the caustics add a nice touch to that sort of scene. Of course it wont be easy !
I pretty much gave up my wine glasses in Yafray…
I am following your progress: keep it up !

Thank you guys for your help. I have used some of the settings you mentioned and tweaked some other settings, resulting in a much better looking glass material. See the attatchments below for the new renders.

Now, my problem is the black marks (not sure what this is caused by) on certain areas of the glasses (as you can see in the attatchments). How do i get rid of this? i found this material to be much better than the other one (lloks a lot more glass), but i am unable to get rid of the black marks.

More C&C welcome

P.S There is no world set in this scene if thats any help with answering my question.


The black marks are caused by the high IOR. Real glass is 100% reflexive in those black areas.

I think the IOR is probably allright. What you seen in the black areas is the black void around your scene. Once you use reflections or a strong IOR you’ll have to model your scene in full 360° because even parts behind the camera may become visible in reflections/refractions. Btw. did you also turn on slight reflections for your glass? That will make it even more realistic.

i havent did glasses for a while can i analyze your blend to get back up to speed
can you give us a close up of the glasses rim

Thanks guys for all your help ;).

-My IOR is set to 1.50, anything lower and the glass doesn’t really look like glass.
-Ok by “void” i take it you mean the World. I added a world (there wasn’t one in my previous renders), and changed it to white to see what efect this would have- the black marks changed to white marks. How do I fix this problem? is there a way of getting around it? i’m not sure what those areas would look like on a glass, would they refelct light?
-I have turned on slight refelctions, but you can’t really see them on the glass. (using ray transp 0.15, please tell me if i should use a different method).

-What do you mean by “Once you use reflections or a strong IOR you’ll have to model your scene in full 360° because even parts behind the camera may become visible in reflections/refractions.”? I added all 4 walls and a ceiling (just using planes, same mat and texture as the two walls you can see in the above renders) to see If I could get rid of the black marks, but that didn’t work (the marks were dark red in some places, but still mostly black).

I am unable at the moment to post a close up of the rim or the .blend file at the moment (not sure if i can post .blend files, please let me know else i will email it to you.) I WILL post these up tomorrow this time, so you can check them out then.

Thanks guys for all your help, i really appreciate it- you’re helping a guy who is fairly new to blender and 3D to progress, possibly to become a valuable asset to the 3D industry one day :smiley:

Additional to my previous post:

Attatched is the close up render.

Its a close up of the rim (like Edwin requested), where the World colour is white (just playing around with the world settings)

Edwin: this forum doesn’t seem to allow you to post .blend files, pm me your email address and i’ll email it to you if you want.

Thanks guys, please answer the questions you can in the post above, i’d really appreciate it :smiley:

P.S has anyone got a good idea for the wall texture and/or material? i think its a bit plain and boring.


Have you tried rendering these in Indigo? If your table top texture is UV mapped it would probably look pretty good. Here are some wine glass I rendered in Indigo. It does a pretty good job at rendering glass and you get caustics for free! :yes:

How can I say this more clearly? What you see in the glasses rims is the whole scene in all directions. Or rather a highly distorted view of it. Think of a silver ball that reflects everything around it if you look at it. Perhaps adding a silver ball to your scene might give you a clue as to what happens. If you change the “world” to white, white is what you will see in the rims. If you close the box around the glasses you get the barely lit red walls in those rims.

For a more natural look I’d try adding a spherical background sky texture to the “world”. Even a blended horizon might look much better in the refractions. You can get spherical free background here:

Cool! Thanks for the link Konrad!!

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another member is also working on glasses