Wine glasses

modeled Blender2.63 , cycles ,100 render passes

What comes to mind is that the top of the glasses don’t really separate from the background. The wine seems to be too transparent and not dark enough and looks like iced tea or something, especially in the bottle. The front of the counter has some weird coloring going on. I’m not too keen on the cutoff bottleneck, but that maybe a matter of taste. The glasses seem underlit and could use some more passes as they are a bit noisy.

well i just searched the ir of wine and i just used them as is , the truth is i havent seen any wine in my life , as you said im gonna seach an color it a bit dark, as for noise my pc render it in 1 hour, i’ll try to do as much 200 passes an turned clampong that might be the issue for dark image.

thanks btw