Wine Label Concepts

Hi Everybody,

This is my fist “serious” attempt to create something with Blender. These are wine label concepts for imaginary wines.

It might sound cheesy, but anyway… I’d like to thank this community, the YafaRay community, and especially the folks at Render Street for the invaluable support I got while learning to use these great pieces of free software! (Of course, there’s still much more to learn.)



You should consider doing this for real wines. Properly rendered 3D wine bottles, like yours, look better then most photographs of actual bottles. Bottles are difficult to photograph because of all the reflections. Too bad wine makers usually don’t get this.

Not bad but I felt thirsty can I get one?:smiley:

Does the bottle actually have any thickness, or is it an infinitely thin barrier full of wine?

Your renders look great, but there is something off about the glass which is why I ask.

I would by the retro wine just for the bottle.

I like the second one. I just love the colours and stuff Good job!

Beautifully done, the first two are absolutely amazing :slight_smile: