Wine pouring

Just started with 3D so here is the obligatory wine render!

Looks damn good… My obligatory wine render was worse. Also welcome in the forum :wink:

Pretty cool!

Looks great, and welcome to the forums!:smiley: My small nitpick is that the wine looks a bit sticky coming out of the bottle. It can be hard to get it right with Blender’s fluid simulator though.:stuck_out_tongue:

It comes out as a very interestingly moody, almost ominous, rendition of a very familiar subject.

The completely dark and featureless wine, having none of the specular action given to the bottle or the glass, might well be part of gives me that impression, along with the restrained lighting. “The whole of it” works very well, to my eyes.

Artistically, I like it very much, and, to that end, the corresponding technical rendering is very fine and appropriate.

Well done, and Welcome!