Wine Scene

The metal turned out weird, so I’ll have to see if there’s anything else to use.

Up to date version

That is so beautiful :slight_smile: Yeah the upper metal is little bit weird or i just have not seen something like this, but the other ones are great and i like everythings what is connected to wood and metal, so iam fan of this thread from now.

Looks pretty good so far. One little bit I would think about changing though… I don’t think it’s accurate to say “Brewing” when you speak of wine. Hope it helps.

Yeah, I’ll probably need a new metal texture but the label has been changed.

The metal seems alright until the second ring… You might just need to lower the normals closer to 0. It might even most of that out.

Wonderful render either way.

I have a theme in mind now - glasses & bottle in front but I am wavering towards something else. I don’t want the traditional wine & basket & cheese. My background is French / Irish / Italian so I’m thinking maybe a musical instrument of some sorts. A sax or maybe violin & trumpet. Flute?