wine talk.

So this is a work in progress of a tipical afternoon, having wine with a girl :smiley:
i haven’t worked the lighting yet to look like an afternoon, or anything, i’m just getting the elements and materials there, i want some feedback if anyone has :smiley:

very grateful !

so based in the comments i added some of the stuff, the others will do tomorrow i hope.

Moved the picture in the back a bit, added a bit more depth of field, just enough not to over do it.
improved the wooden thingy that holds the cheese.
Added bump to the wall.
Modeled the top of a chair and added it in between the table and wall to give sense of depth, and the feeling that there was someone sitting just next to the scene, and that she’s not sitting there anymore.
Changed the ashtray material to glass, and added dark stains inside that don’t really show much, but they are there…
Added a 2 dripping marks to the wine bottle on top, plus the metalic pieces typical when you open a bottle and you’re clumsy and didn’t take the whole metal thing off…
Changed one of the light emitters so it feels a bit more like a window. (the right one).
Added stain to the cork.

A few more details improved:
-wood chair patter rotated,
-picture framing fixed, added separation from the picture to the base paper so it has a bit shadow,
-added lipstick to one of the glasses.
-fixed normals on ashtray (now it looks like it should).

To do:
-make the knife a bit dirty.
-add fingerprints to glass and probably bottle too.
-improve cheese shader.
-add stain of wine next to the cork.
-maybe some kind of cloth?.. i mean napkins or a typical cooking cloth…

That’s it for now, anyone got any more ideas on what to improve?

Thanks again in advance!

looks pretty good :smiley: I not too sure about the painting or window in the background…just doesn’t suit theme somehow…but other than that (an the lighting which you have mentioned) it looks good :slight_smile:

Well, this is looking good :slight_smile:

A few comments :
1: Ashtray should be dirtier, especially since there is some cigarettes inside :slight_smile: Also the tip should be yellow since it was smoked :wink:
2: The cork of the bottle should have the color of the wine on the tip (especially if its a red wine)
3: the knife is clean and doesn’t look like it was used to cut the cheese…
4: The bottle looks good, but the glass looks dark, perhaps making the shader white instead of black would fix that (even with transparency, black tends to tint the glass, so in this case, you don’t want that)
5: adding lips stains on the glass would also add a lot, making it look like someone drank in it :wink:
6: adding some stains of wine on the table is also a good idea, since, well, everybody makes messes when drinking :stuck_out_tongue:

Other then that, it looks pretty good :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for the comments, really great stuff, i’ll work on that and post an update!

At the opposite end of every olive is a little five-pointed star. The olive-pitting tool makes it. That would be an unnecessary but nice touch.

I have spent many an hour staring at that little five pointed star. Sadly, you can’t blow the pimiento across the room through the star-shaped hole, no matter how many martinis you’ve had.



UPDATE #3 final.

Here is the final image, thanks for all the help!

Error message on the attachment.

Where does it say that!?