Hey all,
Here’s my latest work in progress. I’ve moved over to linux, and it seems to be speeding up my renders, but I’m still looking for a good solution to use my other computers to render one frame (bucket rendering? Oh, and I’ve tried all sorts of things, but if anyone has newer, easier ideas, lemme know). Anyway, gave up on all that, and got started testing yafray. And I wanted to test caustics too, but I’m having a really hard time with getting textures right. So thats what I’m working on at the moment. I thought a wine bottle, and simple glass, and a pewter jug would give me enough to work on to start with - once I’m happy with that I was thinking of adding some cloth? And then working on the window and background.
I was hoping to get the bottle to cast a little green caustic light on the table, and although it took me ages to get the colour from the wine in the glass to come out on the table - again I’d like some caustic refraction… Hate the wine glass reflection, will try and tone it down. The pewter texture is awful - any ideas welcome. I know the scene is boring, but this is all just practice for me really.
All crits welcome, I’m posting for feedback/help, the blender community is awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi electricsoldier, your scene looks great! I really like the reflective wood texture! There’s just something about the view that could be better. This may just be me, but how about repositioning your camera to look more down onto your scene. I think the render has to much space below the bottle and glass.

Are you using any composition nodes? (sorry if I ask a dumb question as I know NOTHING about Yafray…)

Haha, I’m sure its not a dumb question, but I don’t know anything about composition nodes! I’ll look into that and get back to you. Thanks for the advice about the scene, I’ll move the camera up a bit. I still wanted be able to see reflections on the wood, but I might bring the wine stuff forward and push the table back a bit. I’ll play around - for now I’m gonna look into composition nodes!

Yeah moving the bottle and glass forward might do the trick. As for composition nodes, here’s something to get you started:

And here’s a quick composite set up demo that I just made. Just hit F12 to render the composite!

Wow - I love this community!

Robo3DGuy - thanks for the link and example, there is so much in blender - its nuts!

Well here’s an update - I think its all too bunched up now, hehe. Back to work!


No problem.

The render is much better! It’s kinda hard to see the wine bottle now…perhaps a lamp would illuminate it. But you’d have to watch out for shadows. Other than that, it looks great!

Ok, I’m starting to think this thread should be more of ‘help’ thread than work in progress - but here we go - Robo3dGuy, I added a light, you were right, it brings the bottle back out. I’m actually using the reflection of the light on the wall I made for this scene. Well actually I built a room for it - no detail though.
I couldn’t make the wine come out, so I added a small emit value. I still hate it, but almost think its better than it was… ? No, looking at it again - the darkness seems better… For some reason you can see the indent of the inside of the wine bottle - but you cant seem to see through the wine in the glass… Is this the scene? And I know the colour is awful - but I’m having a really hard time figuring this one out… Its supposed to be a bit transparent . but doesn’t seem to be doing it. I’m Yafraying this (btw) - I don’t think its Yaf(a)ray version yet. I’m not sure because I’m a linux noob and tried a few things before this worked.
Thanks again for all the help so far!


Oh… and I lost the little bit of red refraction that I had on the table… :no:

It looks great. You should do something about the outside view though and have the focal point a little more off center. Those objects look awesome. Nice lighting too.

If the extra lighting for the bottle made the reflection on the table go away, then move both the lamp and the bottle to another layer and set the lamp to illuminate only the objects on the same layer. Make the layer visible of course. Not sure if this helps, but it would be worth a try.