wing advice

i’ve just finished modeling and rigging these wings and they’re alright, but i wanted some advice on improving them. i want some way to only have to create a few feathers, and copy them over the whole wing, i tried particle hair, and DupliVerts, but neither of them work very well.

although i want the same feathers all over I want to be able to edit their position and orientation if i have to.

i followed this tutorial, and i noticed that some of his feathers have nicks out of them, and i wondered if he had to do that in the model or the texture, any hints?

thanks in advance.

very interesting

did you understand how to make thiswing rig ?

cause i tried and was unable to follow the tut

and i wold like to understand it

it’s a very interesting little rig to do

any help would be appreciated

let me know if you can help with this tut

may be if you equiped to do a smal video it would worth do one
it might be easier to understand the sequence of innstruction in the tut !

keep up the good work

happy blendering

i would say that i’d send you the blend, but i just deleted it
i’m re-making it with more feathers, so if i can re-do the rig, then i’ll post it here, unless i forget