Wing Commander Clydesdale Transport


It’s my first project and I just started with blender three weeks ago. So I’m very very happy for comments.

I’ll try to model a WCII Clydesdale Transport/Tanker. :smiley:

Now the engine is in progress.
There are two curves: The first defines the measures of the ehm I call it “air intake” (yes, air in space! :confused: ). The second one defines the thickness and length (you can see the curve in the right part of the screenshot), set to the first one as BevOb.

Looks okay. But the problem ist, that the WCII-Clydesdale’s engine gets closer to the hull at its back (as you can see in the little grainy clydesdale.gif). I can’t implement it with this method. Any ideas to solve?
I’ll keep trying…



here you can see it better, how it will look like after the work in some day or weeks :smiley:


что это такое?

As I wrote, it will be a ship from the old pc game Wing Commander 2 (1991).

I’ve never played that game… sori,
but I think you’re doing good for your first project, mine is still kinda in progress,
but that’s aside from the point.
Your ship is going good,
the only crits I can give are maybe making the colors a little less bright, and making it wider maybe? :confused:

Hey, thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

WC set pattern for pc games. :yes: Maybe I’ll play it again some day.

It is very hard to learn the whole stuff abot modellising and texturing and physics and particles and so on.
At this time I’m in the modellising phase, so now I do not pay attention to the colors :wink: , or should I - I have no experiences?


lol- I don’t either. You are doing remarkably well with your first project, and after only three weeks too!
that robo cyborg thing I made has been in the planning process for like a month.
I’m really amazed, I’m sure that in time you will be a great modeler.
But about the colors, no, I usually color as I go, but it depends on personal preference. If you
find it easier to work a colored model, then go for it!
If not, then don’t.

thanks, I’ll try…
I don’t know, a good modeler could do some more cool things, then I can. During this phase I often get on the wrong track and try an other way…

but i’ts fun!! :slight_smile:

Ya, but not everyone gets to be a good modeler.
The guys on all those other threads with amazing projects
were once n00bs too. :slight_smile:
That’s what keeps me going :slight_smile:
but anyway, you are doing really great. I can’t wait to see your final product!

Hello again!

I had not much time, so I added only some more curves (the energy packs on back constists of surface-curves, the wing in front too).


curves from Wing


This surface spanned by five NURBS curves was difficult to design, but thanks for help to ygs and pixeltwist !!

And I colored some parts following your proposal mercurystudio. It helps to value the dimensions!


Nice!! I wish i was good as u…:frowning:
I really suck, despite 2 and a half months, Im a fast learner, and I just wasn’t doin this good when I was… How long did you say you’ve been using blender?
Anyway, your doing great! 5 thumbs up!

okay, here a new shot from the week end.

Before this I used blender altogether three weeks. Last year I started with texturing, and now with modeling. But I hadn’t touched some topics (sculpure, animation, ipo…). So there’s much to learn for me…


Okay, had no time to work on it…but on last week end I created some textures… :spin:
not nice at all :confused:

I’m searching for a method to add plates to the main hull…hm


So, I had NO time to work for month.
But on the week end I added some real modelled plates and I made totally new textures.
I’m not sattisfied with them. But for now its okay.


Time passed without work -again! But now added some Special effects with composite nodes.


Sweet! Psst…when doing big model crafts like that, a suggestion for those tiles is create texture with lots of smears and discolor for each tile, and then let it affect specularity, like this:


Yes thanks, at this time I only used procedural textures. Later I’ll try making such nice textures like you on your picture. :slight_smile:

attachment: current status