Winged Alien Creature

I’ve been working on this for a while now. I’d just like some input on this as well as some advice as to how I’d go about texturing it.


Looks alot like my youtube Blender buddy’s dragon. Maybe you can pull some inspiration from his, since they are so similar. I suggest maybe doing some spines or protruding backbone of some kind. Maybe a little ribcage showing too. Think of how a lizard looks.
Here’s a vid.

I’m missing some details on the face, like a bit more detailed nose or eyebrows. And some details like the muscles of the wings and flags , might look good.

keep on, i like this model :slight_smile:

I would consider it a Dragon somewhat more than an alien (because you look at the head, the teeth, the wings, and the body in general resembling one, but looking at the design it looks like there’s a bit of deviation from the common Dragon design, thus you could call it a Dragon/alien hybrid).

If it’s supposed to be low poly then it looks like a decent start, but if you’re making then high-poly then do keep in mind good edge-flow.

Right now the edge flow is in serious need of some reconstruction. I got so busy wondering how to texture it that my mind skipped over topology until right after I made this thread.

Also, I’m trying to add features such as rib cages and vertebrae, but sculpting is a huge pain, as there are too many faces for my computer to handle. (It’s a top-of-the-line gaming laptop with an i7 1.6 GHz CPU). Would the best alternative be to use a bump map?