Wings 3D or Blender for modeling

I see many ppl prefer to use Wings 3D to do there modeling and then import it into blender. Is this just a matter of preference or does Wings 3D have superior modeling ability??

If you prefer 1 or the other I would be interested in knowing why (please only respond if you have tried both).



If you are box modelling wings has a few tools that blender still lacks ie. intrude. Wings also supports ngons which blender does not (this is a big deal for some people although it isn’t for me). If I create more complex models in wings (try a cactus with a lot of spikes) I find that it slows down considerably, I gather this is because of the size of the data structures involved.

If you like to model by extruding faces or a combination of face and box modelling (the way I usually work) it is usually easiest just to do it in blender.

So in summary – unless there is a specific feature in Wings that would make my life easier (ie. intrude) I generally just model in Blender. Note that before the loop cut tools etc. were added to blender it was the other way around – I modelled in wings3d unless some feature in blender made my life easier. Learn both and use whatever is best for the task at hand.


I’m sure other people will come up with a lot of good reasons, but a big reason why I like Blender is ease of use. All of the navigation modifier keys are in the right place (for zooming, rotating etc). It feels like a tool that was built by people who actually used the software all day every day. It reminds me of when I worked for a newspaper in the early 90’s and I used QuarkXPress like it was the air I breathed.


If Blender had:

  • a bevel tool that works was well as the one in Wings3d
  • a better way to display flipped normals (I like the lines attached to faces in Wings, makes it very easy to find a flipped normal).
  • better mouse/keyboard customization (the mouse customization settings in Blender don’t work very well).

I don’t think I’d need to use Wings anymore.

Likewise, if uv mapping in Blender were as good easy/intuitive as it is in Ultimate Unwrap3d, I wouldn’t need UUwrap3d either :wink:

I’m not trying to badmouth Blender, I’ve really grown to love it over the last few weeks, but I think there are some areas it could improve on.

Just my 2cents…