Wings 3D?

I just wanted to know what wings 3d is good for. It seems like the people who use it manage to make more organic looking stuff. I was wondering what the community opion of wings 3d is…

I love it. But its more just a preference on how you like to model objects.

I didn’t like it so much as first, but since I have gotten more used to it, I like it a bit more. I use it to model various things, but mostly buildings. I prefer blender for most things. just a matter of personal preference.

I have used many modellers, but Wings3d is by far my favourite…It usually used for organic modeling. It hasn’t got snap functions (some but not a real grid snap) , or quick booleans, or other stuff…so I prefer it for organic. But i have done both.

This was made with it, at jobs or at home :

game low pol model

other game low pol model

this was ‘started’(it’s in VERY initial stage) with Wings3d, but the project got stuck for overlapping with othe rprojects…was gonna be a short, made with a friend that’s still in game companies, and I… I was gonna animate it, this was my model, he was doing another for ths short…

This following one was made with second fav modeller (sory, I just used Blender for character animation) , Metasequoia.

Examples of non organic models done with Wings…

It’s pretty good , but it’s a different approach than other modellers…

here are some video-tuts to get you started:

and this one:
follow the links

and also check for their wings-tuts

I used to prefer Wings 3d, but now that Blender has those other modeling techniques, I think they are about equal IMHO.

(And Im probably wrong, but thats what I think; :x )

J/K :wink:

Yes, that is what I thought too. I don’t know much about Wings but the one thing that it was better in that I knew about was it could do Face and Edge manipulation, but now with it’s new features (2.35 yea!!!) so can Blender. So other than snap to grid etc…, are there many things that Wings can do that Blender can’t?

true n-gons (faces with more than 3 or 4 vertices)

(blender’s f-gons can’t have interior vertices…)

but i haven’t used wings much


Slide and all the pick axis/choose point options would be the most important for me.



" are there many things that Wings can do that Blender can’t?"

There are lots more(many more than those mentioned here:just doing face and edge mode doesn’t add all the wings features,lol). I see most people haven’t used it largely.

[One mentioned I admit I have tried in blender for curiosity on seing how was implemented, like other blender improves, the n-gons…in wings, is like clay.Plainly no limits.I tend to work with very huge ngons whose wires flow I don’t decide till last moment. this can give u more flexibility than u imagine. When u moedl in clay (I have) , u don’t worry about over-surface-wires…:wink: Inblender is not yet so.For example, can’t leave interior vertices.In wings u can, and u can make a cleaup automatic.If u wish so. ]

But of course, there are LOTS that Blender does that Wings3d can’t.(that is, in modelling area, as Wings only models)

Still Wings3d is by all means my favourite modeller. I’m with it all the fast I can be right now with a modeller.

And blender my favourite free to use animator. And still, have modelled a bit with it, and I must say in that is quite standard, so, modelling tools are used very naturally.Easy to use.(even more having used many modellers)

Basicly each software tends to a way of modelling, while there are workaorunds in both to aproach the other’s.

Wings/Mirai edgeloop modelling is -yet, sorry- quite faster in Wings for certain ways yet not in Blender. Point modelling would be crazy to try in WIngs3d. there are loads of things related to vertex modelling that you only fake in Wings3d. Wings main advantage, what makes it so good for certain type of modelling, is the strong limit for other things. yet though, are doable if learnt some advanced techniques.

Yet though, I have modelling anything at production environment speed(quicker than my mates in Maya and Max) in Wings.

As one old game artist said once(not to me)…“geez…for modelling use whatever…whatever makes you feel better”.

‘better’ I understand as more comfortable. And usually one is more comfortable with the modeller one has used more. Way often is just this reason :wink: …why other times, there are functionality limits not easy to fake (in every modeller)

in agame studio is often seen the fact each artist models with the tool of his/her choice, while all ends up imported in the integration tool, max, maya, etc.

I’d just end saying something I just can’t avoid…Wings3d is …fantastic.

btw, while tweak is rather the faster way of modelling/editing, imho, is not only in wings…Max works that way, and Metasequoia, which I love it too (see my clint Eastwood-inspired model) is tweak mode for every modelling you do.having the so useful magnet tool implemented in probably the best way I know.

Wings3D’s tweak mode (imho…duh) is by far the best I have ever experienced compared to Maya’s, 3Ds max,Blender, or XSI