[wings-blender] - GeNiTal I - First Illustration


okay, I come back with new illustration.
The jaw normaly must be the GeNiTale II, so I’ll finish it when I’d finish this one.

First step

and second step

How did you get transparency in the 3d window?

what’s this about genitals?

Looks like the wings3d window to me…

hemmmmm Genital because spermatozoon

For render, no it’s only wings viewport with transparenty shader.


now thats a big brain for a spermatozoon :slight_smile:
very good work on modeling.

If my wife’s opinion is anything to go by, anything to do with sperm is incompatable with brains!

Its awsome, but in that last image in the bottom “render” at the tip of the brain, that just wrong :wink:

lol, it’s the reason this spermatozoon is fun…
I like to work on double sens and no sens. That the way of GeNiTale suite.

Haker : Yes this part of brain is wrong, but as it’s not an human brain, it’s not important. The thing is important is everybody see a brain and see the idea I want to do with this. Organical rightness is not really very important.

I like this one! Is the sphere be filled with liquid or somthing like that?


Like that :

or that :

i think he means wrong in a different way, as in, it looks like lady parts, tee hee hee (i’m such a child :))

SO FREAKIN’ COOL LIQUID (the last one!) I got a picture in my head how that would look! So damn cool! can’t you just put a prewiew of the combination of the liquid and the model? %|

This is definitely one of the strangest ideas I have come across recently. :stuck_out_tongue: And please, let us not get into alternate meanings of that sentence.

god. you are all depraved. :wink:

Okay everyone, I thinks it’s the moment to explain this illustration concept.
It will be very difficult for me, because I’m french, and my english is very poor.
Some time I don’t understand someone says, and sometime what I say myself LOL… silly silly guy I am.

So, first the name : GeNiTale (or GeNiTales I don’t know for the moment)
First sens : Genitale, in french = Genital in English, so this illustration will be about sex, tortured sex, with a lots of black idea. Distrubed…
Second sens : Genie in french = Genius + Tales (story) it’s story of Genius, of human would like god, create inteligent creature. It’s the theme of this bioMachanical illustration.
Third sens : Genitale, in french comme from the french expression “Partie Génitale” = sex, sexuality, reproduction.

So the sens of this illustration will be the breeding of inteligent creatures created by human.
The uncontrolable power that escape there creator.

So now the design consept.
I begin with this observation : In every bioMecha art I seen, all begin with organic body where artists add mechanics parts.
So I want on this suite (GeNiTale II is the jaw I made on another thread of this site) begin by create Mechanic objects, and I add after the Organics parts (here the brain)
The brain is the only organic part. I like this idea, I create an entir mecanic body, and add the inside with organic parts.
It’s my interpretation of bio mechanical “MechBio” :Z

So First I make the spermatozoons, and after I’ll make the Ovums, and the vaginal cavity (really biomech with pumps, bones dungarees, theaths, so realy dark environment). Camera will be on larg angle. And all the scene will be like a submarin scene.
It’ll be realy technicaly interesting, attractive for me. :Z

if my name was samus, i’d be pumping bullets into that thing right now… :wink:
hey, that is a very interesting artistic concept. can’t wait to see the finished work.

i think he means wrong in a different way, as in, it looks like lady parts, tee hee hee (i’m such a child :))[/quote] Ha me too

Okay, I finish the pipes…

Now I’ll create the attaches, and brain tip.


This is really demented, dark and crazy stuff…I love it! Having said that I would suggest you make the connections between brain and electromechanical doodads more detailed. Maybe along the lines of this 50s painful looking brain probe:


Just a thought.

Giger would be proud, keep up the good work!

Yop thanks Bussman… Really greate thanks, your message touch me.

So I haven’t got the pretentiouness to make work as good as giger’s.
No no, Giger is an icon, an Genius for me.

And thanks for the connection, it’s a really greate idea, I’ll make it next time…

Haha And I’ve got some ideal to connect head with queue, that should be more creazy. hihi

So in French it’s 1 o’clock, I go to my bed… Night is greate moment for me :Z