wings dont move with arm

I’m a little confused about how i go about doing this next part on my model

if you take a look at the photos you see when the arm is moved obviously the wing doesnt move with it.

My question is how would i go about linking/parenting the wing to the arms so that it moves when the arms moves, i know i can weight paint it to the same bone as the arm is but that doesnt work the way id like it to, ive tried using vertex groups to fix the edges in place but then they dont move.

What i plan on doing with the wings is adding a cloth modifier so essentially id like to be able to link only the edges of the wings to the arm so that when i move the arm the wing will follow as a cloth would follow if you flap it through the air if you get me, i dont want the entire wing mesh to move all at once

any help would be great! thanks

Hello Kiefer.

I have the same problem as you. It’s been 3 days that I try to pin a cloth to several bones of a armature. And I can’t found how to do that. I didn’t found any examples for that. Unfortunately it seems that Blender allows only to pin one vertex group.

So I am very interested to get an answer to your post.

Here is a way to control armature driven deform with cloth simulation. May be you can use this method: