Wings like Bridge tool

Cambo I like your scripts and I would like to print out your web page so that I have a hard copy of what they do and how they work but that is impartical with that one small column of text that runs all the way down the page. Is there a way you could reformat that text into paragraphs that got ACROSS the window not down.

Very nice script. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

Yes, very nice, but the normals of the new geometry face the wrong way.


Kewl. Will have to try this out :slight_smile:

Hi, I think I fixed the text on my site, I think IE rendered it too skinny.

As for the normals being the wrong way, AFAIK it has a 50% chance of getting it wrong, I should find out why but until then, Ctrl+N has to do.

Incase anyones interested.
Theres many many ways to find the best skin offset for 2 vert loops. (So as not to trist the join.)

I have tried many, testing each measurement of “Skinning Goodness”- Then rotating and re-measuringto find the best fit.

  • Smallest angle difference between matching edge angles (2d and 3d projection)
  • Smallest total area the faces resulting from the skin.
  • Least angle from joining verts (using a normal based on the 2 verts on eather side)

And the best one seems to the the first one I tried, which is also the most simple.
Which is the total shortest distance beetween matching edges.

There are som other methods too… if any are an improvement, Ill update the script.


Will help me a lot to complet my characters.
Thanks again.

i was having a bit of trouble with it yesterday but i did a little experimenting and now it works awesomely.

would it be possible to give some more detailed instructions on how to use this script ?
, what exactly does “add edge data before running this script” mean ?

thank you
and kind regards

In the mesh tools panel theres a colum of names, edges, VertCol Tex coords…
NExt to each is a button- Make/Delete. Click ong Make - For your mesh,

  • Cam

I can’t wait to try this script.

I’m already a big fan of the Solid Wire script.

Hey, thanks to linking to my site, always nice to see the development steps of a project- WarpWar.

Id realy like to make the wire script create a continues surface rather then disconnected edges, which makes it not very usefull for mode detailed solid wire models.

The skinning script also has a bug where it will pick the wrong order rotation order and mess up the fill. not sure why, but will fix sometime.

If anyones interested I made a script that allows you to use mouse movements to rotate the skin realtime with left/right mousemovement, and RMB to Switch skin direction. Its kinda funky but blocks the user interface until the user executes the skin, anyone interested? :slight_smile: Will try a better overall solution later on.

Great update to the already awesome script, but you need to check the version data tag for version 2, because it says 1.0 and updated in 2004 in the top tag part.

There are 3 different versions and dates in the latest, ranging from 1.0-1.2 and then finally a date in june 2005.

It would be helpful if they were corrected(yes you can do yourself but it is something the master file should correctly list).

also, what happened to the 4 different options? right now I don’t get any options, I can only click on the script.


Sorry but how do i add edge data?