Wings (like on birds)

Anybody know of any good tuts for modeling and/or animating wings? Specifically of the angel variety…

Well you cant animate in wings, yet. But you can model, and it is a very good modeler. One of the best tutorials for modeling is the Bay Raitt video, here: (You will need the DivX codec, avail here:

This is modeled in Mirai, but Wings was designed to emulate this workflow. So you’ll find it’s essentially similar. For modeling angels though… I dont know any tutorials on that subject.

Sorry for my lack of clarity. I meant wings like, as in, um, birds’ arms. Except bigger and fluffier and upright, like on an angel. I can manage the fluffiness, but I could use a reference at least for the motion…

Probably a bird would do, if anybody knows of a bird/birdwings tut. But a flying monkey or something would also be nice… Maybe there’s a flying monkey tut archived with the right handed mugwump tut?

I had this on my hard drive:


Well, that takes care of the right wing. Now I just gotta figure out what the left wing’s doing…

Seriously, though, thanks. That will be helpful.

… i would think the left wing would act the same way as the right. :-?

… i would think the left wing would act the same way as the right.

You’d think so, wouldn’t you…

im going to run away now. :o