Wings of Daedalus

Wings of Daedalus - Prototype


  • Aerial ranged and melee combat
  • Attack damage based on speed

The primary purpose of this prototype is to test controls and combat.


  • All models, sounds, textures, and animations are rough (most will be replaced)

Thanks to Martinsh for the water and sky shader.

Thanks to the many people of BlenderArtists that helped with my questions! I’ll try to update this thread as often as possible.

New download link coming soon.

Is there going to be a Minotaur? ;D

Will be one of the bosses eventually. Of course he will be a flying minotaur.

This game has a lot of potential! It’s original, it’s seems to be stable, and even your rough models look pretty good. Keep it up!

Nice stuff! Although not the same, it reminds me of Magic Carpet in a way.

Thanks for checking it out! I did play Magic Carpet when I was younger. Pretty awesome game.

I’ve also decided to upload the blend. I’m currently working on a practice mode (the controls are a little strange if you have never played games like Freelancer) and an options menu to set the graphics settings (some of my friends laptops can’t run it.) I use audaspace so the audio can’t be packaged with the blend (that I know of) so I’ll have to include that as well.

Check back for the blend!

Wow this really looks like the best blender game I’ve seen. You have some interesting mechanics going for you, keep on working on it, make em feel good and please, please don’t bog down your game by hoping for a realistic style. It isn’t something a small team can pull off well, and besides this game would be really cool with stylized graphics. I’ve seen too many games get abandoned because a team of two people wanted to have a realistic style and it was too much work so they abandoned it, I’d hate to see that happen to this one too

Thanks a lot! I totally understand what you are saying about style and realism. I’m a programmer at heart (not much of an artist) so the realism thing is pretty much out the window. I plan on shooting for more of a borderlands/bioshock infinite slightly toonish look. I’ve actually been playing around with a toon shader and I’m undecided on it. I’ll probably upload some screens tomorrow with the shader and without and see which one people like more.

Awesome. The first 10 seconds made me LOL. The music was so peaceful at first and then you hear “UGH!” followed by “AAGGHHHHH!” and peace again…:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad you seem to know what you’re doing, this project is really interesting. A borderlands-esque style would work really well I think, and if you aren’t an artist have you considered finding someone on the forum or elsewhere to help you out with that? I wish I was an artist and wasn’t already in the middle of programming my own project, because I’d love to help see this game realized

New video showing feather explosion effect.

Good job :slight_smile:

Link to the Blend:

Above is a link to the blend file. It’s zipped to include a config file, audio, and controls image. Been working on the project on and off. Below is a changelog if anyone is interested. (It’s kind of long.)


  • Changed base FOV from 30 to 25
  • Strafe is no longer instantaneous. Reaches top speed in 8 ticks.
  • Rangedcollide now uses rays instead of collision.
  • Dropped physics substeps to 2


  • Settings are now implemented without a restart
  • Scene transitions have been fixed


  • Added PlayerInit to state 30
  • Added own[“Arm”] variable for storing armature object (player and enemies)


  • Head tracking
  • Removed unnecessary keyframes from animations (mostly location)
  • Wing repair. (Feathers / wax)
  • Punch
  • Slight randomness added to enemy accuracy


  • Removed water shader (just blue planes now)
    • 9 planes spawn initially (move themselves based on player location)
  • Wing animation on melee
  • In game menu visual work
  • Added sun lamp (shadows only) parented to player
  • Collision with water planes now results in death


  • Switched LOD to Blender built-in
  • Moved skybox to background scene
  • Implemented configparser instead of flat text file for settings
  • Added animation on player slow down
  • Displays distance to object under crosshair on hud
  • Changed ‘Miss’ melee notification to ‘Too Early’ or ‘Too Late’
  • Added compass to hud
  • Slowed down enemy fire rate (Up from 1 second to 2 seconds minimum between shots)
  • Visual HUD work
  • Added vignette
  • Slight HUD element movement
  • Added seagulls
  • Slight wing blur on glide
  • Melee weapon glow briefly on weapon switch

Added new video. Changelog is probably too long to post. Lots of work being done. List of major changes below.

  • Added inventory system

  • Radial menu in game (with slow motion)

  • Heat seeking javelins

  • Enemy info panel

  • Battle log (with recent damage done, based on speed)

  • Animation updates

  • Enemy AI updates

  • A lot more that I’m probably forgetting

Will upload the updated blend soon. Want to work on some maps as I don’t really have any.

Looks good! Interesting environment/concept for a game! Really reminds me of archangel from xmen

Added random island and boat spawning. Heat seeking javelins with a javelin camera. Couple other things.

wow, very nice! :eek:

  • Added copy rotation constraints to thighs, upper arms, chest, and upper wings. Allows movement to appear more dynamic.
  • [WIP] Ability to run along the ground/walls.
  • Added a melee meter to help with timing of melee attacks.
  • Bunch of other minor changes.

Since I decided to randomize the stats on weapons in the game, I decided to save myself some modeling time and implement randomized blades and hilts as well.

The first 10 weapons are randomized with symmetry turned on and the last 10 have symmetry turned off. I think the symmetrical ones look better but I might occasionally created a non-symmetrical item for certain item prefix types (ie, brutal, vicious, etc).

I plan on having just a few “base” items and using this script to randomize the look of them. Also, haven’t done much tweaking to the values yet but I think the initial results are pretty good. I could always add more vertices for more variety.

this project is very cool