Wings of Steam is searching for artists

Hi people

My name is Tim Logan, I’m a danish based programmer
I’m currently heading up a hobbyist team of developers and designers.
We are spending our free time making a game together.

If I had to describe the game in a single phrase, I’d say it was:
“Mount and blades of the skies, in a steampunk world.”

Essentially it’s a trading, combat, exploration game, you start as the pilot of a scrappy little aircraft.
Through trade, piracy, military service or maybe something entirely different, you build up your fortune and power in the world.
You can upgrade your current aircraft, buy a new one or steal a new one (if you can actually manage to get it off the runway without being shot down :wink: ).

Currently we have 3 programmers, a designer and a composer
We are currently looking for artists interested in joining the team, while 2 of us are fairly well versed in Blender we already have our hands full with other assignments.
The skill level of all current members is fairly high, all members have years of experience and or education to draw on, and we’d like for any other members to be equally skilled.
Personally I’ve been doing 3D from 2004 to 2008 and I learned to program in 2009 and have been doing it ever since.
Knowing how to model mechanical components/vehicles is definitely a plus!

We have a demo of the game that can be downloaded here:
It’s slightly dated compared to the current state of the game, but the project is currently in the process of being updated to a newer version of unity so it can’t currently be built.
wasdqe- movement
F - Function (exit/enter aircraft and shop)
C - Camera Perspective
B - Brake

And the tool

If this sounds interesting shoot me an email at
timlogan475 at gmail dot com

P.S. We do not currently have any plans for making money on the game.
We are however not against the idea, and if we do go to market with the game it will be a team decision and every member will share equally in the profits.

hi guys i’m interested and i’m a character modeller