I want to model some wings anyone has any tutorial for this?

I haven’t got any links, but google might help: there was a thread called Glass Girl a while ago which had a good discussion on modeling angel or fairy wings. Also the Plumiferos web site had some information on the wings they modeled for their birds. Good luck.

It’s not a tutorial exactly, but in my book Introducing Character Animation with Blender there is a discussion on how Plumiferos modeled and rigged bird wings. It is too complex to understand completely from the book but it will give you an idea of how to go about it. Take a look at that in the library and see if it’s what you need.

Sorry for the lack of ignorance, but were would I check that out?

It’s available at most bookstores, and you can buy it on Amazon or in the Blender e-Shop (see my sig for the link). If you just want to have a look at it, then it you can probably get it from a local public library. If they don’t have it then considering requesting them to order a copy. I think Amazon also has a “look inside” feature, and that might let you take a look at the chapter with the wings.

Obviously, wings aren’t the main thing in the book. The book is generally about character animation, including modeling and rigging. But the filmmakers of Plumiferos kindly gave me a terrific bird rig to study and write about. The rig they gave me is not open content, however, so I can’t distribute the .blend file itself. It does feature some pretty informative images of the wings mesh and rig though.

That’s where I saw it. No wonder I couldn’t find a link!