Wings3D Cython rewrite?

What you guys think about rewriting Wings3D in Cython? Wings is the most intuitive open source modeller. It is written in Erlang, which seems “no-go” because of zero readability. There exists a Python rewrite in Pygame, Endo, put Python is too slow. Cython would be fast. Taking the Sqlite databases with from the beginning.

Any opinions?

doubt you’d get the existing developers to rewrite, and not sure I even agree with you that Erlang is the main limiting factor.

Cython’s focus is more as a way to write fast extension modules without using pythons C api. While you could use it as a language on its own Im not sure this is a good idea since for a mesh modeling tool you’d want very efficient data access with arrays of verts, binding arrays to the OpenGL buffer and similar which I doubt is possible/practical with Cython.
Also, if you want object-oriented stuff, Cython uses PyObjects which is great for python integration but has a lot of overhead in size and speed when operating on them compared to C++ for eg.

Id suggest write your own modeler, with a clever way to mix a fast mesh core with a higher level language.
eg: bmesh core C api, mono C# for higher level plugins/tools.

if I had spare time for this Id try write a modeler in Vala, a C# like language translated directly into C. Its a little like Cython but its focused on being a full language rather then an extension writing utility.

I am working at Ericsson (the company behind Erlang) and I see people changing jobs within the company just to be able to work with Erlang. They love the language above anything else! So I too would seriously doubt someone who chooses to work with Wings3D and Erlang wanting to change language.