Wings3d problems (WinXP)

I downloaded Wings3d and installed. In my first attempt to run it, I got a console (something like Notepad) writen Erlang. Then I decided to look for help (help files or txt files or html or anything that could be used) but didn’t find. By using Win XP Pro I then tried to alter its properties to run in a Win95 or Win98 compatibility mode and then I got to make it work. I created a sphere and exported it to wrl. I fired up Blender and the program didn´t start except for Blender’s console (DOS-like). I closed Blender and tried again. The same thing happened. I tried again to open Wings3d but it didn’t open. Tried a few times. Same thing. Tried do run Blender and didn’t get it. So I had to reboot. Then I could run Blender normally. So, What can be causing this? Is Wings3d compatible with XP? :frowning: :frowning:

Anyone? Have you guys got to run it using XP?

Most likely your video card doesn’t have enough memory to support multiple 3d windows and spaces. Until I upgraded to a mid grade 3d card I was only able to have one 3d app open at a time… now that I upgraded to the ATI 9700 pro I can have many more 3d programs running all at the same time… unfortunately wings3d doesn’t work anymore in accelerated OpenGL mode. But I am using windows XP and both blender and wings run fine. Its all a matter of the video card.

I forgot to mention about my video card… It is an Nvidia Geforce 2 MX200, 32MB. I get Blender to run normally, but unfortunately I cannot run Wings3d… :frowning: Is this an accelerated OpenGL mode (sorry, I am not expert, so I don´t know how to ask correctly). Oh, by the way, I didn’t try to run two 3D progs at the same time. I closed Wings3d and tried to open Blender but didn’t get. So I tried to open Wings3d again but didn’t get. I only got to run Blender normally after I rebooted the machine.

Unfortunately I don’t have much experience with the nVidia cards… I would definitely confirm you have the latest video drivers by going to and getting them. That would be all I’d know to do right now… especially since I can’t see your system up close and in person. I would recommend going to wings forums and search there for info on getting wings to work properly. Also… reboot and try it again… maybe another driver is causing something or bad memory or something.