Wings3d Releases

it looks like the 2.x releases were out for a while


Never used Wings, but it has always seemed like a decent polygon modeler to me.

The site presentation could use a little refresh to make the project feel more up to date though. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wings is still kickin’? I had forgotten about that program.

Wings3D… Mirai 3D clone…

Does anyone still remember Mirai 3D? they say it was used for the facial morphing of Gollum in the Lord of the Rings

The world of computing is so fast … it seems like centuries have passed …
this is the only video I found on youtube … at a very low resolution


I still have a demo of Mirai somewhere that I got at a SIGGRAPH (1999?). I was fascinated when I saw it, but now it seems like you would wear out the right click button on your mouse – like when I had to use Interleaf back in the day. Holy moly what an absurd workflow that was.

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Wings3d is still a viable 3d modeling app, I use it when I am bored with other apps. Generally I use it to make the rough shapes and it is fun to do that in Wings3d. Some people also liked uving in it.

I personally like the way one can adjust visual edge thickness in the 3d view which is something Blender can’t, unless you mess with the dpi then you scale everything up.

If you have been looking for a practical 3d modeling app, Wings3d fits the bill.

I remember that when blender modeling was still too basic and I hoped that some wings-3d techniques were implemented in blender, such as beveling, and other operations that could be done with faces and segments … many years have passed …

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Wings is still being developed, surprising given how obscure the Erlang language is!?

If they want to continue this project, their best bet would be to transition the program to C++ or even C#, the pool of people who would be able to contribute would rise dramatically.

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It still has some advantegeous tools like special tweak mode w additional functions, and some other basic edge/poly tools that are not available in Blender. Plus it probably will perform ok on lowerend devices.

@Ace_Dragon, sure but I doubt that anyone would take the stab and do it from scratch all over again.

I have fond memories of Wings3d. I learned Erlang so that I could contribute some to the features – a long time ago, though.


Ah, good old Wings3D. Thats where I first started learning modeling, way back :slight_smile:
This was probably the last model I did in W3D, based on a Jordu Schell sculpture. Probably from some 15 years back.


I downloaded the latest version, just to see which formats it can import and export, now it supports the glTF format … I hope it can survive, even if I’ve never used it.

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Nice Wings3d model, one could tell how WIngs3d way was dictating certain flows.

2.2.6 has been out for a while. If you are Wacom user, just enable Camera Moves related settings in Preferences->Misc It feels much better w Wacom.

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I forgot to mention that someone has been implementing it as a web app.


That’s AWESOME! :slight_smile:

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