I have seen this mentioned in 2 (or more) places now, and would like your opinions on it.

The places I saw it didn’t really have many negative points to them. Thats probably because there wasn’t a place for negative comments.

I just wanted to get a unbias opinion of it.

Have you tried it?
What were your thoughs?


they both work

wings3d isn’t enough like blender and blender isn’t enough like wings3d

in blender it is nice to be able to make holes in the mesh and such

in wings3d it is nice to have ngons

blender has better subsurf edit modes

wings3d has better tools (and like face/edge modes with tools there)

wings3d makes uv unwrapping almost too painless
(I would like to be more picky)

blender has a renderer…

I could go on. But essentially, blender’s modeler is inferior to wings3d’s edge and face tools, and doesn’t have ngons. Which one is a better modeler for me seems to depend on what type of object I am creating, I have used blender exclusively lately, but it was for less organic stuff

for some reason i like doing my modeling in wings3d…i just can’t get the hang on the blender’s stuff…sorry :frowning:

I use both Wings and Blender.

Things I like in wings:

  • Cleaner / more intuitive interface
  • Extrude normal
  • Extrude region
  • General face ops (chamfer / bump etc.)

In general I prefer wings for polygonal / mesh modelling.

Obviously Blender does animation and native rendering which Wings doesn’t.

I think there’s no real issue of using both, they both work well hand in hand. The basic idea for me is to use Open Source graphics apps in my work as much as possible. With Gimp, Blender and Wings I can do just that.

Indeed, nothing wrong with both.

You say Wings3D can’t do animation though?

Guess you could bring your object into Blender and do it here.

Thanks for the info.