Wingtip shoe embellishment for 3d printing

I have created part of a shoe for 3d printing. I am having trouble with the wingtip embellishments. As I try to use a boolean to make the circles in the pattern, the entire plane distorts. Is there another method or modifier that I should try to make the pattern? The pic is an example of the pattern I want to accomplish with the circles. In the file, I want the pattern to go where the grease pencil is.

Any help that would keep me from throwing my computer out the window, would be greatly appreciated.



shoe_feb__23_2015.blend (541 KB)

make it easy on yourself, and model the general shape first, then use the retopology tools to make a new mesh on top of it, taking into account the stylized shapes.

Do what Modron said and make it all quads at the same time and as you are fixing the mesh where you want the little holes you could do this, don’t use boolean that’s not the correct tool for this job I think.

With shrink wrap on wrapping to your shape (also apply scale you haven’t in your model and it will affect inset etc as it will calculate off the original scale not what you have it scaled at ctl a apply scale)

  1. Create a strip of quads make sure your quads are roughly equally spaces just extrude them out turn on face snapping as well if you like
  2. i to inset
  3. with inset still active hit i again to make it individual faces
  4. Delete centre
  5. Add solidify after shrink wrap
  6. Add sub surf after solidify

Tweak until you like it :slight_smile: if you wanted to add the stitching as well in real topology use the same technique but do it on oblong quads and extrude the centre rather than deleting it.

Thanks Modron and Umil,
I will try this and let you know if it solve my prob.


I have another question, If i wanted the 2 extra small dots, would I use the same method?