WINNER Business Center


Here is my project. It’s the “WINNER Business Center”.

Successful business requires passion, persistence, responsibility, respect, vision and wisdom. Chess game is an elegant metaphor for big business game.

The architectural complex is composed of the “Queen” building, the “Pawn” building and four squares. The chess piece buildings located at the black squares; the white squares filled by the recreation area.

It’s modern and classic at the same time: unique design of the buildings and the image of the great ancient game.
The companies will desire to have an office here because of every company wants to win and every single businessman wants to be the winner.

Where do you prefer to have an office: “Queen” building or “Pawn” building? :slight_smile:


Full size image

It’s an architectural disaster… run! :slight_smile:

Thank you for reply m_squared!
Don’t like chess? Do you prefer play checkers? :slight_smile:

OK. At the beginning a lot of people were surprised and confused with the Eiffel Tower.
But today Eiffel Tower is one of the most known architectural constructions in the world and the most popular sight of Paris.

It’s just too literal for my taste… but I like the render, it looks very nice (the two buildings in focus, not the surrounding ones).

Thanks for explanations of your point of view m_squared. I’m glad you like the render.

They both look good. To be honest I would prefer the pawn building. I don’t know why, I just do. I like the models and the surrounding place but I think it could do with some small people in the scene. It would be good to walk around the corner and see them though.
Good work:eyebrowlift2:

Thank you for feedback Littlemonkey!
The “Pawn” building is a good choice :slight_smile: This building has the charm, its shape is very complete in my opinion.

Great job.

Thank you very much BrentNewton!

Pawn building for second tier companies? No really, who would rent premises in a pawn dude?

AMAZING…i like the fact that you came up with something different

Interesting idea on this. I think that you did a very good job!!!

Thank you for feedback, dns_di!
Rent an office in the Queen building is much more expensive than in the Pawn building. Queen is the main building of the Winner Business Center. Pawn is the satellite building: there are hotel, restaurants, cafes, fitness, swimming pool etc. The majority of offices are in the Queen building. But the Pawn building will be also very prestigious, because no other building in the city (except the Queen building) can’t compete with it.

SAAS’S ART, tc2466 thanks a lot! I’m very glad you like my idea :slight_smile:

Lol, how much of a peon would you feel like working in the Pawn building with the execs looking down on you in the Queen-scraper? I like the curves on the pieces- I think a bishop would also look really elegant in the same style!

I like how reflective everything is

Thanks for feedback Haldo!
In my opinion the Pawn building is as much attractive as the Queen building. And people who will work in the Pawn building will be happy to work in one of the most beautiful business building all over the world.
I think that every chess piece would be elegant in the same style. But I’ve chosen this figures because a pawn and a queen are best complement each other in the frame of the business metaphor. Each of these figures plays its role and not one of them alone is not enough to win the entire party.

Thank you Robert!
I like it too. I think that reflections are one of the most important things, creating the mood of the whole scene.

It reminds me of architects who design buildings to look like fish - in a good way!