winnie the poo eater.

Hey everyone, long time no see :D…

i was looking through my archive and was looking for this old game i made a realy long time back. I still cant find it and was hoping some old guru of you might still have it still ^^.

Could you PM me or post a link if you do have a copy?

Thanks m8s…

Hello NORJ
welcome back!
What is the name of XXXXX.blend and the date ( more or less precisely)

Hey Oto :slight_smile:
well it might have been named Wtpe.exe
i first posted it back when blenderartists was named elysiun. The post still exist actully. it was 10-Apr-04.
it was a disgusting game, but i enjoyd it ect. So im just trying to find it again, i lost it on my old computer :<.