Winter bliss

Scene made in Blender 2.78c and rendered using Corona Renderer. I’ve modelled Bathtub, sinks, shower, candles, towels ,books and snow. The rest objects came from web. Used textures mostly from Background photos was taken with Galaxy s6

More shots:


Excellent work :slight_smile:

Hi , The realness is real here wow, i am working on my first bathroom , i wil go nuts if i can let it look like this so real:yes:.
Do you sensei have tutorials for me:D.

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Me again just to say ,i give you 5 stars, in my opinion we got a winner here:D.

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Very realistic.
Without trying to understate your skill and talent, I think Corona renders tend to have a special quality about them.

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Excellent work :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot! I’m glad that you like it:)

Good luck with your bathroom, today I’m going to share free scene included some of the models I’ve created, you can use it:) About tutorials… just like others :stuck_out_tongue: Andrew Price has got a lot of good stuff on his Blender Guru page. I can recommend it. If you are looking some nice tutorials about Corona… well it’s harder - because they are in Russisch ;D

Thanks a lot:) I never get 5 stars, so you are my first one :smiley:

I can agree with you - for my purposes It’s also much faster. Cycles render on my GTX 1080 cannot compare in the render time with Corona on my intel i-7. And it easier to work with colors after all - You’ve got everything in one window tab. Anyway Cycles I’m using as a preview.

Really true colors. Is that the free licence version of Corona?

You cna’t say if it is a render or a real photography. Awesome work!

Yes it is. Anyway You can download my free 3d scene and render it by yourself:)

Hey thx for the info and the scene:D, i still come back too look at this post:yes:
ps: ben je nederlands? ik kreeg die indurk van op die site van je.

Nee, ik ben Pools ;p But I live in the Netherlands and I look for the clients here :slight_smile: You welcome :slight_smile:

Those clients of you must be happy:D, gij moogt mijn badkamerke komen opfrissen:D.
I realy hope to see your nekst made’s , il keep a eye on you.

This looks great! I’m going to have to check out Corona!
Did you take the background pics as simple photos, or take 360 degree ones? You can do that with the google street app! But they won’t be high dynamic range.

Thanks! I don’t have any clients at all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But for sure, if they exists, they are happy:)

Thank you. I used normal panoramas as a background photos. 360 degrees hasn’t got nice resolution, imo are to blurry. But for 360 I used my HTC one, which is currently dead:P

Very cool! Excellent work, congrats! :slight_smile:

Thank you:) Grazie:)

Is the design yours? If so you should became an architect…if not already one :D. Great render!!

Hi Dreamco, Yes the design is mine:) I wanted to become an architect, but I am to old :slight_smile: But I would like to make some renders for the architects:D Thanks a lot:)

How much time does it take to render the corona version of your scene and on which processor exactly? For some reason, Corona crashes on the PC I have right now.

you need to assign textures to the scene. Corona rember the paths from my computer:(