Winter Bunny Monster Model - Workflow Critique

As you will see in the time lapse, I came across some major topology and edge flow problems. I was wondering if anyone could watch this and critique my workflow.

Thanks so much!

Hey, I like the character, but yes your work flow has some issues.
First off have you every tried sculpting? I find that with sculpting you can achieve much more than traditional box modelling.
My work flow is 1st, making a simple basemesh normally using the skin modifier, 2nd sculpt the character until I am pleased with how he looks, 3rd a final re-topology of the mesh. If I still need more detail I will take the re-topologized mesh and use multires sculpting, and then generate normal maps from the detailed mesh.
But the main thing I would try and due is to move away from box modelling and try to sculpt. This is how most of the modelling industry has moved too.
hope this helps

A workflow depends primarily on the intended usage. Like the person ^^^ above I also use a skin modifier as well as external software[Sculptris etc.]. This leads to re-topology and multi-resolution, which in turn leads to textured brushes.