Winter Garden

Hi guys!
Second scene with cycles & Blender 2.62
Small postpro in GIMP
2500 samples, it took 59min.

C&C are welcome.



looks really nice, my only crit would be very uncomfortable looking chairs :smiley: and lack of visible translucency on the leaves on the top, other than that looks cool

What about the jagged window frames? They kill the image a bit

I really don’t know where that came from, Maybe a bad manipulation during the post production…

Hi! Thanks and Yeah, i wanted chairs too look like that, cold, uncomfortable, oldy , u know?
I did not mention it but plants are from an Andrew price’s gift from nature academy, i did not modify them at all, but thanks for noticing.

I am surprised to hear that they are Andrew Price’s because to me, they are completely “texture-less”. And the curtain is in a very awkward position i think, Overall, the scene is good.

i agree with you about the texture, i think its because i imported it to cycles and he made those to be rendered with blender internal…

The lighting is really nice, I want to add to the above mentioned problems that the ground texture looks like it isn’t tiling properly.