Winter Garden.

Cycles, GIMP. And a lot of greenery.

Very nice! That is a lot of greenery. :wink:

Really nice, render times? :slight_smile:

At first glance the foliage gives a good impression of a lush room in a penthouse or something. The texturing also seems well done.

It would be nice to have a somewhat higher-res image though.

Wow… this is really impressive…! Suomi, could you share with us more info about the project? :slight_smile: Looks very clean render? What time took you for calculation

Thanks, guys.

Sorry, but it’s commercial project and hires image goes to the client.

The project was pretty straightforward, nothing special. The greenery on the wall was done using particle system with mesh leaves as particles. Rendertime was huge - about 24-28 hours on cpu in final 4k resolution. Another thing - it’s my first attempt to use b-wide node pack’s denoiser. In addition to carefull postproduction in GIMP it gives great results.

One of the best architectual renders made in Blender I have seen.***My portfolio: