winter girl?

I’m taking a break from modelling my cruiser, here’s a totally done in Photoshop drawing…nothing fancy…but I’m proud I could draw it!:smiley:
Color is just a test, maybe…and no background yet…C&C welcome!


I’m just learning to draw, so take my commments for whatever their worth :slight_smile:

-the “highlight” in the eyes looks odd, as the border of the iris apppears to be cut, the highlight should probably be within the border of the eye

  • at first glance, the ear appears to be too low on the head

  • the right side of the jaw could use a bit curve, right now it looks like a perfectly straight line

I think those are all minor tweaks, overall it’s very good.


Not bad… I guess the next step would be to work on the shading.

Or draw an animation so people won’t expect you to create paintings for cartoons.

Here’s she is colored with shading too, I don’t think I’m done with it tho…any tips welcome! oh, and about the mouth…it will be back next time!:slight_smile: I also changed the jaw line Mike S…it’s better now I think…


Very nice piece of work. I know you haven’t finished with the mouth yet, but in the latest image it looks a little too high up in relation to the nose

Nice work.
You might want to make the elbow less sharp.

I think taking out the outline of the highlights in her eyes will make them look better.

The right (ours) hand eye looks a little low and at the wrong angle. If you draw a line around the head at eye level one will be on it, the other too low. You can see this if you look at the distance to the hairline.

Other than that it looks very nice, the shading is spot on!


Well, actually this is done quite a lot in cartoons.
Especially Japanese anime. And this one is greatly inspired by Japanese anime.
I think it’s great.