Winter in Westphalia

First image is a low german house (also called ‘Westphalian farmhouse’ or ‘Low saxon house’)
the construktion is called ‘zwei Ständerhaus’ (two post-farmhouse), build in the late 1750ies.

The second image is the ‘von Stael’ manor house in Sutthausen near Osnabrück. It was teared down in the 1890’s.
The 3d image is inspired by an old paintig.

Here is a clay version of the scene


Looking good, but the snow could use a little more “definition”, like some tracks etc.

Also the lighting could use some composition, in the compositor try with a fog glow, and see if this helps.

But generally speaking, I like the renders!

Hi philosopher: Thanks!
There is already a fogglow-node in the compositor, maybe the effekt is too subtle…

here is a version with a different hdri

Still looking good, but I miss some more definition/depth. Maybe it is missing some shadows… its really hard to figure out what it is missing to make it perfectly photo realistic. Do you have a normal/bump map on the wood and walls? What about glossiness?

I might be wrong but when the sky is that grim and it is winter time, shadows tend to disappear or at least they become more subtle, to be more exact.
In my eyes, the wooden cart and the white texture on the house seem to draw me in a bad way. The height of the grass also seems a bit uniform, you could add some variety to it.

I like it. Thumbs up.

Hi, the original idea was a desolate and empty mood with a north-west german winterweather :slight_smile: , no sun and no shadows…
i tried to render a freestyle-version of it, but my computer was not able to manage it (only 16 gig ram).

Here are two testperspektives for those who are interested…