Winter time Lounge room

Hello everyone. During those hot days of summer I decided to make this winter time lounge room interior scene. I used several new technicques for me during the process of creation. First of all PBR-materials by Andrew Price and CynicatPro. Secondly so called overlay textures from (smuges on the floor).

Also the way i created snow shader is worth mentioning. I created snow material and i overlayed it on the trees by the same method Andrew Price was covering objects with dust in his tutorial. It turns out very well, i didn’t expected it to be like this

(picture is clickable - 1080p)

Very cool! Well done :slight_smile:

Did you model anything by yourself or is it all from Architecture Academy?

I did myself: snow, windows, snowy tree material, frame for artwork, dvd cases, clock, frosted glass on the shelf

Ok, but why not all? I mean it is ok to use models from other people but in my opinion they shouldn’t be the biggest part of the
image. I mean your stuff makes only 30% of the image. Just my two cents.

I don’t see why there is should be such restriction. i could spend time and model this bookshelf, books, vase, twigs, everything, maybe except for this chair, but i rather focus on more important stuff like composition, lighting, mood etc.