winter wonderland animation

hello! this project has been going quite some time now, its actually a short animation, but decided to post the finnished composition of my winter wonderland.
i made the ground of a displacement map, and a feew modifiers, then randomly made vertex groups to scatter the trees, trees where made with blenders internal tree plugin,

any feedback is very welcome!

here`s the flythrough! took about to months to render on two machines!

Very nice, I love the atmosphere! Can’t think of any critiques. :slight_smile: Great job!

Agree with ShadowCamero, when looked at full resolution the scene has a unique atmosphere!

Nice atmosphere,really amazing :smiley:

I love it! very cool project, my only critique would be that the falling snow could use a little work. everything else looks superb!

thanx alot :slight_smile: i agree with you Webhead, i did not put much effort into the faling snow

perhaps i will make some shots closer to the ground, with more detail on one specific area later on,