Winter wonderland!!!

when i woke up this morning i went downstairs and looked out my living room window and what a sight i had to see!!!

first snow this winter. (for me anyways)

ok, i know this is unimportant, but i was happy and i had to show you

BTW, its nearly all melted now!!! :frowning:

Yup, snowed here too today. At my old school, which is about 10km away, it already snowed last week; not here though. The little that snowed this morning is almost all gone here as well. I’m still hoping for a white Christmas… it’s been so long. The last one was a few years ago, when I went to Poland for Xmax. That was beautiful. Another reason why I love that country so much.

Yep, we got about a foot here in Toronto area. All gonna be gone by Monday though, cause it going back up to like 15C and rain.


Cambridge - UK: We had snow today as well, all 25 flakes of it. It didn’t even pretend to settle, but did make my walks outside especially cold. At least it hasn’t rained as much as it normally does.


Yup, here in Scotland we had an attempted snowfall. I’m giving it the time and patience it deserves. Come tomorrow we’ll probably be snowed in. :smiley:

It was wonderful snowed really well for nearly the whole day. Then it started to rain :frowning:

And the cold breeze vanished.

Hey flurp, where do you live?
In Colorado, we had snow about a month and a half ago, and a few weeks agao, but none of it lasted. :frowning:

i live in the Mourne Mountains of Northern Ireland, I was looking at BBC news and to my joy, it look like i am going to get more snow tonight!!!, woo!

My sister and I made Snowmen and she has desperaltly asked me to post pics of the Snowmen and see which one looks best. %|

My sisters (Joanne)

Mine (obviously the best!!!)

Sorry for the large image sizes! but hey more detail!!!

its allmost snowing Amsterdam…almost =P

but already, being from Aus…its soooo cold, especially the bike riding in freezing hail :wink: but, i’ll enjoy my 2007 summer so much more (next summer i’ll see, my country switching scheduale takes me to only winters for 2 years o_O

edit: whoa close posting time o_O

Cool snowmen!

When I last talked to mother they had -23C and tht was some days ago… :smiley:
She lives in the north of sweden, in Gällivare (I have moved to the south of sweden some months ago but I’ve allwas lived in the north and I do miss the snow).

We still have some tiny drifts on the northern exposures down here below the foothills yes?, even though it’s been above average warm lately (here in Colorado).

Some numbers for Vail ski resort.
Lifts Open: 18 of 34
Skiable Acres: 1246 of 5300 acres (24%)
Conditions: Packed Powder
New Snow (past 24 hrs): 0in. (0cm.)
Mid Mountain Base: 19in. (48cm.)
Summit Base: 34in. (86cm.)
Season to Date: 78in. (198cm.)

And I really hate snow. I think we’re at about the same latitude as Rome here but just so much higher in altitude that, except for about 3 weeks at the end of july, it’s cold all the time.

Oh, yah, Flurp. Your Homer Simpson face is well done but you don’t have a navel?

Thats what my Mum said, except the part about the navel %|

it wasn’y supposed to be homer, i was actually going to try and do a really detailed face, but i got lazy, and gave up :frowning: , so i just rolled a ball, and stuck in on, made some crude facial features and voila!

This is from last winter but it looks quite like what it looks like today. Why waste batteries of the digital camera? So stupidly said that I shut up.

the picture is huge, isnt it? (oh I had to shut up)