Blender 2.5 (female model is real)

I think the colors go well. Very nice.
I like the sky a lot, is it original? If so congrats, you are quite the painter.
The mountains are great too. Overall concept and execution is well done.

I wish the fabric she is floating on, was connected to her dress.
I think the composition could be improved, less focus on the sky more on the girl and what she is thinking. (See attached)


I really dig that crop, man. Thanks!

It’s interesting that you reversed it – but I can see why. I actually reversed the original shot of her to get her in that area of the sky. And I was never totally happy with how the composition resolved.

The sky is a composite of several photographs.

very nice cloud texture. How did you do the snow? are they actual particles or just a lay over on the scene?

Thanks! The snow was done in PS (it was a late addition to the scene.)

Cute as always! shame about the low resolution!

Real nice looking. Started using PS myself recently.

nice looking, has a professional feel about it.