Here is something I am working on right now, It’s a simple scene for now, but, if my capabilities bring me that far, it is going to be awesome.

I like it so far.

how did you get the snow to fall on the tree? I tried something similar before but never got that effect.

Particle System

I dont think the clouds really fit… but i like this.

Yeah is good!

but according to DDD comment
the sky look a bit dark, like a electric storm not like a snowfall day
I think

I used the material node editor just as with the rocks in the background, then I used the bark texture to also influence the normals and for the snow I just used the standard cloud texture to make it look more, ermmm, dynamic and fluffy
Adjusted the Ice texture, the “fluffiness” of the snow again and still working on the sky. I put a lot of effort in it for another render, bu this one doesn’t really fit the scene indeed. This render has a slight color correction on it to fit better, but there will be a better one coming up