Hi everybody!

I have just finished my winter theme project. I wanted it to look like origami-low-poly style. I know, that it looks really easy to make, but I like it though. Opinions are welcomed. :wink:

See’ ya!


That is nice. It’s a lot better than most low poly winter scenes.

Three suggestions: first, pine tree trunks don’t flare out at the bottom, they taper gradually from the roots to the tip (that’s the only disconcerting part about the image), second, you could reduce the complexity on the trees in the distance to make them appear further away and third, the tracks through the snow should appear closer together as they go into the background.

Thank you Orinoco for your advices and opinion. I made some changes also according your suggestions.

I think it looks better now. Sorry for the lower quality. I am not familiar with the uploading manager yet.



the leaves should be white.